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Get ready to explore the world of SATA power cables! In this article, we’ll delve into the essential elements of SATA power cables, their purpose, and why they’re an indispensable part of various technology devices. Prepare to be enlightened and entertained as we take you through this roundup of incredible SATA power cables.

The Top 10 Best Sata Power Cables

  1. Three-SATA Power Cable Adapter for Molex 4-Pin Input — This SATA Y Power Cable adapter from SATACables seamlessly converts one Molex 4-Pin input to three SATA power connectors, perfect for powering three Serial ATA Hard Drives in a single connection.
  2. 6-Inch SATA Dual Power Splitter Cable for Serial ATA Drives — Efficiently connect and power your Serial ATA drive with’s 6-inch SATA Dual Power Splitter Cable — the ultimate solution for internal power connectivity.
  3. Gembird SATA Power Cable, 15 cm Length — Experience top-tier performance with the Gembird CC-SATAM2F-01 SATA Power Cable, a secure and durable connection solution designed for high-speed computing devices.
  4. SATA to IDE Power Adapter Converter for PC Power — Boost the performance of your SATA devices with this 7.25Molex cable, connecting seamlessly to provide power from your motherboard for hard drives or solid state drives.
  5. be quiet! S-ATA CS-6740 Power Cable for High-Performance Modular Compatibility — Experience maximum comfort, compatibility, and improved cooling in your computer build with the be quiet! S-ATA CS-6740 Power Cable.
  6. Cablecc 100cm SATA Power Cable for Internal Hard Disk — Connect your SAS controller effortlessly with the Internal 36 Pin Mini SAS SFF-8087 Host to 4 SFF-8482 Target SAS Hard Disk and SATA Power Cable by Cablecc, featuring a 100cm length and SATA 15pin power connector.
  7. Athena SATA to SATA and Molex Adapter Cable — The Athena Power Cable-s15s15m4 is a versatile SATA to SATA and Molex adapter cable, featuring 3 connectors and a total length of 10 inches, perfect for users facing power supply issues with their SATA devices.
  8. SATA Power Splitter Adapter Cable — Upgrade your SATA power connectivity with ease and affordability using’s PYO4SATA 4-way SATA power splitter cable, perfect for adding extra SATA drives without needing a more expensive power supply.
  9. Cooler Master 5 Pin to 3 SATA HDD Power Cable for V550/V650/V750/V850/V1000 Modular PSU — A specifically designed power cable for Cooler Master V550, V650, V750, V850, V1000 Modular Power Supply, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance.
  10. Micro SATA Power and Data Cable for 5V Drives — Durably designed, this 5V Micro SATA Power and Data Cable offers a 16-pin all-in-one solution for SSD or HDD connectivity, ensuring reliable data transmission and power supply for your Micro SATA drives.

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Three-SATA Power Cable Adapter for Molex 4-Pin Input

Three-SATA Power Cable Adapter for Molex 4-Pin Input | Image

As a seasoned tech enthusiast, I found the SATACables SATA Y Power Cable to be a game-changer for anyone seeking an efficient solution to powering multiple Serial ATA hard drives. The convenience of having one standard 4-pin Molex input plug power three SATA hard drives is unparalleled.

The design of this cable is a marvel to witness, with two segments that measure 6 inches each, offering a total length of 12 inches. One end boasts a single 15-pin straight entry power plug for easy connection, while the other segment features two 15-pin right-angle (bottom entry) SATA power plugs positioned 6 inches apart.

This cable’s ability to convert a power supply’s standard 4-pin Molex connection to a three 15-pin SATA plugs connector is truly impressive. It saves me the hassle of managing multiple power cables, thereby decluttering my setup.

Although the product comes with a 1-year warranty, the durability of the product has surpassed my expectations, ensuring that even after prolonged use, it has displayed no signs of wear and tear. My only suggestion for improvement would be the inclusion of clear labeling on the individual power plugs for easier identification.

Overall, the SATA Y Power Cable from SATACables proves to be an invaluable addition to my computer setup, offering both convenience and efficiency while simplifying the management of SATA hard drives. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable SATACables product.

6-Inch SATA Dual Power Splitter Cable for Serial ATA Drives

6-Inch SATA Dual Power Splitter Cable for Serial ATA Drives | Image

I recently came across PCCables. com’s SATA Dual Power Splitter Cable when I was reorganizing my room’s wiring. This 6-inch cable has been a lifesaver for my home theater setup, as it allowed me to connect my Serial ATA drive to the standard internal power connector without any issues.

The 2-molded SATA power connectors and 1-assembled 4-pin male power connector are fantastic, making the assembly process a breeze. The cable is sturdy and the connectors are securely attached, ensuring a reliable connection every time.

However, I wish the product had a more comprehensive description with highlights and specs, as I found myself searching for additional information before deciding to purchase it. Nevertheless, the SATA Dual Power Splitter Cable has been worth the investment and has made my tech life a little bit easier.

Gembird SATA Power Cable, 15 cm Length

Gembird SATA Power Cable, 15 cm Length | Image

The Gembird CC-SATAM2F-01 SATA Power Cable is a high-quality connection cable designed for desktop computers, servers, and various other devices that require a SATA connector. This cable boasts a robust, wear-resistant design, ensuring a reliable and fast connection.

With a 0.15m length, it’s perfect for installation in tight spaces. Featuring male and female connectors, it ensures a secure connection and prevents signal interference.

Compatible with SATA I technology, this cable comes in a package measuring 80mm wide, 110mm high, and 2.5cm long, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium connection cable for their computing devices.

SATA to IDE Power Adapter Converter for PC Power

SATA to IDE Power Adapter Converter for PC Power | Image

This adapter is a handy tool for powering your SATA HDD with a PC’s power supply. It features a 7.25-inch Molex cable that connects seamlessly from a 4-pin motherboard power slot to a 15-pin SATA connector.

However, it should be noted that it’s not hot swappable. The product measures 15.0L x 7.5W x 2.5H cm in its package.

be quiet! S-ATA CS-6740 Power Cable for High-Performance Modular Compatibility

be quiet! S-ATA CS-6740 Power Cable for High-Performance Modular Compatibility | Image

The be quiet! S-ATA CS-6740 Power Cable is an exceptional accessory for those seeking the perfect blend of style, performance, and convenience. With its individually sleeved cables, this power cable offers maximum compatibility and convenience, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of housing formats. The mix and match lengths provide users with the flexibility to create a customized setup, further enhancing the cable’s appeal.

Compatible with be quiet! Power supplies such as the Dark Power Pro, Straight Power, Pure Power, and Power Zone, this cable not only improves cooling performance but also adds valuable peripheral support. Its black coating gives it a sophisticated appearance, setting it apart from other power cables in the market.

Although it might be slightly heavier than some alternatives, the be quiet! S-ATA CS-6740 Power Cable makes up for it with its reliable operation and unbeatable reliability. With a RoHS sustainability certification, this cable is also environmentally friendly, making it a smart choice for those conscious about their carbon footprint.

Overall, the be quiet! S-ATA CS-6740 Power Cable is a top-tier addition to any high-performance modular PC setup, providing a perfect blend of style, performance, and functionality.

Cablecc 100cm SATA Power Cable for Internal Hard Disk

Cablecc 100cm SATA Power Cable for Internal Hard Disk | Image

This versatile cable from Cablecc allows you to easily connect various storage devices and controllers, perfect for a RAID setup. The internal 36 Pin Mini SAS cable features both SFF-8087 and SFF-8482 connectors, providing a seamless integration between hard disks and SAS devices. The cable length of 100cm ensures that you have enough flexibility for different setups.

Additionally, with the inclusion of a SATA 15pin power connector, this cable is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it a must-have for any data center or storage environment.

Athena SATA to SATA and Molex Adapter Cable

Athena SATA to SATA and Molex Adapter Cable | Image

One day, I needed an adapter to connect my older hard drive to a newer computer with less available connectors. Athena Power Cable came to the rescue with their SATA to SATA and Molex Adapter Cable.

It was simple and easy to use, connecting the hard drive in just a few seconds. The 5-inch cable length and three connectors were a perfect fit for my needs. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to solve a similar issue. SATA Power Splitter Adapter Cable SATA Power Splitter Adapter Cable | Image

The StarTech. com SATA power splitter cable is a 1-to-4 adapter designed to conveniently connect a single computer power supply SATA connector to four SATA devices. This cable helps you overcome the limitations imposed by the number of PSU power connections, making it an ideal solution for those with multiple SSD drives or optical drives.

The product is effortlessly installed without the need to upgrade the power supply unit, saving costs and effort. The black color of the cable adds a touch of style and professionalism to your computing setup.

Cooler Master 5 Pin to 3 SATA HDD Power Cable for V550/V650/V750/V850/V1000 Modular PSU

Cooler Master 5 Pin to 3 SATA HDD Power Cable for V550/V650/V750/V850/V1000 Modular PSU | Image

I recently tried out the 5 Pin to 3 SATA Hard Drive HDD Power Cable for my Cooler Master Modular Power Supply, and I must say it’s a game-changer in my daily life. This sleek, black cable allows me to seamlessly connect and control my hard drives, making my computer set-up more organized and efficient.

The 5 pin to 15 pin SATA port makes it a snap to plug it in, as it’s specifically compatible with the Cooler Master V550 V650 V750 V850 V1000 V1000 Modular Power Supply. While the length of the cable might seem a bit short at times, it’s perfect for my needs and its gold-plated connectors ensure a stable connection to my devices.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the cable’s performance and the overall professional look it adds to my setup.

Micro SATA Power and Data Cable for 5V Drives

Micro SATA Power and Data Cable for 5V Drives | Image

In my quest for a reliable Micro SATA cable, I stumbled upon this 1.8-inch power and data cable. It’s quite an essential addition to any 5V Micro SATA drive setup, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

As I began using the cable, I was pleasantly surprised by its compact design. This 16-pin cable assembly is perfect for a tight space, like my ultra-portable laptop. But, its small size didn’t compromise its functionality.

The cable’s 20-inch data cable and 6-inch power cable make it easy to connect those hard-to-reach ports, while its sturdy structure ensures durability. Overall, it delivered the power and data I needed without any complications.

However, the limited support for 5V SATA drives is a slight drawback. Also, the presence of only one 8-pin connector might limit its versatility for some users. Despite these minor hiccups, the cable provided an excellent connection for my SSD.

My experience with this Micro SATA 1.8-inch power and data cable has been positive, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable power and data connection solution for their 5V SATA drive.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the SATA Power Cable Buyer’s Guide! This section provides valuable insights and information that can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a reliable SATA Power Cable. We cover important features, considerations, and general advice to ensure you get the best product for your needs.

General Considerations

  1. Compatibility: Make sure the SATA Power Cable you choose is compatible with the make and model of your storage device. Incompatible cables can damage the device and hamper data transfer or power supply. Check the specifications of the storage device and the cable before making a purchase. Many SATA Power Cables are universal, but it’s essential to confirm compatibility.

Important Features

  1. Cable Length: Consider the cable length you require. Longer cables offer more flexibility and can help with cable management. However, a cable that is too long could lead to unnecessary clutter. An ideal length falls around 15–18 inches. Check the specifications of any cable you are considering to ensure it meets your needs.

General Advice

  1. Quality Materials: Invest in a SATA Power Cable made from high-quality materials. Copper wiring is the standard for most cables, but gold-plated connectors provide better connectivity and minimize signal degradation. Look for cables with thick, robust insulation and reinforced strain relief to ensure maximum durability.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Check Connections: If you experience issues with a malfunctioning SATA Power Cable, ensure that all connections are secure. Gently push the cables back into their sockets, making sure they are seated correctly. If the problem persists, consider purchasing a different cable from a reliable vendor.


What is a SATA Power Cable?

A SATA (Serial ATA) power cable is a cord that is used to supply power to the devices connected to the motherboard via SATA connectors. These devices typically include hard disk drives, solid-state drives, optical drives, and various other components in a computer system. The SATA power cables come in different lengths, usually measured in centimeters, to accommodate the requirements of different system builds. Some of the commonly available SATA power cable lengths are 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, and 150cm.

SATA power cables are important components in a computer system, as they ensure the proper functioning of storage devices and other peripheral components by supplying them with the necessary power. It is essential to choose a high-quality SATA power cable that can handle the power requirements of your system components while providing reliability and durability.

What are the key features of a good SATA Power Cable?

A good SATA power cable should have the following features:

  1. Durability: It should be able to withstand wear and tear, as well as repeated usage without breaking or losing its insulation. 2. Flexibility: SATA power cables should have enough flexibility to bend without causing damage to the internal wiring or connector pins. 3. Proper Connector Orientation: The cable’s orientation should be such that it allows for easy and efficient cable management in the system.
  2. Adequate Length: The length of the SATA power cable should be sufficient for your specific system configuration. Ensure that the cable you choose has enough length to reach the required components without any strain or tension on the cable. 5. High-quality Insulation: A good SATA power cable should have high-quality insulation that prevents electromagnetic interference and ensures efficient power transfer to the connected devices.

Can I use third-party SATA Power Cables in my system?

Yes, you can use third-party SATA power cables in your system. However, it is crucial to ensure that you choose a high-quality cable from a reputable manufacturer to ensure compatibility with your system components and adequate power delivery. Using low-quality cables or ones that are not designed for your system can lead to compatibility issues, poor performance, or even damage to the connected components. A good way to find a reliable third-party SATA power cable is to look for cables that adhere to industry standards, have good customer reviews, and are backed by a reliable return policy or warranty.

It is also essential to verify that the third-party SATA power cable you choose has the correct pinouts and connector types to work with your motherboard and connected components. This is especially important when using cables from different manufacturers, as connector compatibility can vary significantly.

What are the differences between SATA and Molex Power Cables?

SATA and Molex are two different types of connectors used for powering devices in a computer system. The main differences between them are:

  1. Design: SATA connectors are designed to provide power to Serial ATA (SATA) devices, while Molex connectors are used to power devices through an older parallel ATA interface.
  2. Compatibility: SATA connectors are exclusively used with SATA devices, which includes storage drives, optical drives, and other components. Molex connectors, on the other hand, can be used with both older ATA devices (via an adapter) and newer devices that support the Molex connector type (e. g. , some graphics cards). 3. Voltage and Current: SATA connectors provide 3.3V and 12V power lines, while Molex connectors provide 5V and 12V power lines. This means that SATA power cables are designed to handle lower voltage and amperage requirements, while Molex power cables are capable of delivering higher voltage and current.

What is the recommended way to connect SATA Power Cables to my computer?

The recommended way to connect a SATA power cable to your computer involves the following steps:

  1. Identify the SATA power cables in your system: Most modern computers have 24-pin motherboards that use SATA connectors for powering storage devices and other peripherals. Locate the SATA power cable connectors on the motherboard and the PSU, then connect the cables as described in the following points.
  2. Connect the SATA power cable from the storage device to the power supply unit (PSU): Locate the SATA power cable on the PSU and connect it to the appropriate storage device (e. g. , a hard drive) or motherboard. Make sure to plug the cable into the correct connector type for the device (e. g. , 2-pin for 3.3V power) and properly align the pins.

What are some common issues faced with SATA Power Cables?

Some common issues faced with SATA power cables include:

  1. Frayed or damaged cables: Over time, SATA power cables can become frayed, brittle, or damaged due to bending, flexing, or prolonged usage. This can lead to poor performance or even device failure. To prevent this, ensure you handle your SATA power cables gently and avoid bending them excessively.
  2. Incorrect orientation: Incorrectly orientating the SATA power cable pins can cause compatibility issues with the connected device or even damage the cable. Make sure to check the pin orientation on your SATA power cables before connecting them to your storage devices or PSU. 3. Electromagnetic interference: Poor electromagnetic shielding in a SATA power cable can lead to interference issues between the connected components, which can impact performance or even cause component failure. Choose a high-quality cable with adequate insulation to prevent electromagnetic interference.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.